My name is Adrian S. Erben, I am a german ancient historian and currently employed as a research fellow at the Chair of Ancient History at Bamberg University.

I am particularly interested in the ordering of communities from a local perspective and non-imperial actors. Geographically, I have specialised on the Roman Orient (especially Syria).

In my dissertation, I pursue the question of what role local groups played in ensuring the stability of the local order arrangement in the ancient metropolis of Antioch on the Orontes.


Latest publications

  • (2023), Rev. “Patrick Brimioulle (2020), Das Konzil von Konstantinopel 536 (Roma Aeterna. Beiträge zu Spätantike und Frühmittelalter 8), Stuttgart”, Rottenburger Jahrbuch für Kirchengeschichte 41, 326 sq.

Upcoming events

  • 22 August 2024: Excursion “The reception of Rome in 19th century Bavaria: The Pompejanum in Aschaffenburg”

Current courses

  • Iudaea capta? The Great Jewish Rebellion and the Foundation of the Flavian Dynasty (thursday, 2.15–3.45, LU 19/00.11, UnivIS)
  • Introduction to the Study of History (thursday, 4.15–5.45, KR 12/00.16, UnivIS)